This week is #SelfCareWeek! One of my absolute favourite things to talk about is the importance of #SelfCare.


Because self-care is for life and not for just when you feel poorly.

We are very much in a society which seems to love the word ‘busy’. I am busy, sorry I’m busy, I’m too busy. The pressures of life/jobs/families/finances can all take a toll on us and something eventually will have to give.

Why do we need to insist that we have to be busy all the time? The stress on our #mentalhealth and physical health eventually catches up with us and then the boom and bust cycle begins.

I implore you to please take some time each week on YOU. YOU are the most important thing to you and should be your number one priority. It doesn’t have to be massive things, it can be small things! Like reading a good book, #crafting, enjoying a good movie, time out with your fluffy family members, a long hot bath with candles and incense. Love yourself, pamper yourself, you ARE worth it!

Kim ?

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