After the free initial consultation, it only takes 3 follow on sessions to be phobia free. With the use of Solution Focused Psychotherapy and an adaptation of a Neurolinguistic Programming Technique enhanced with hypnosis to deal with specific phobias such as spiders, flying, heights, snakes, etc.

For issues such as emetophobia, agoraphobia, and claustrophobia, they will take more sessions due to the nature of the phobia. Usually between 8-12. Unsure if your phobia is ‘specific’ enough for the 3 sessions option? No problem, just contact me to find out. Click here to fill in the contact form.

Session cost: After the free initial consultation, each phobia session is charge at £60 each. So the total cost to be phobia free is £180 and it can truly change your life to sort your phobias. So feel free to get in touch now.