Kim Clayden

HPD, DfSFH, MNCH, AfSFH (reg) CHNC (reg)
Solution Focused Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Pain management specialist

hEDS & PoTs expert patient

Pain management guest lecturer

UK based and insured to work online with clients worldwide!

Professional Testimonial from Dr Philip Bull FRCP Consultant Rheumatologist.

“I have been working with Kim for several years now, and have sent many patients to her. Her understanding of hypermobility syndromes as well as being an expert patient make her uniquely equipped to help individuals with their journey to self-management and to turn the unmanageable to manageable.

The application of solution-focused psychotherapy & clinical hypnotherapy, combined with her gentle, professional manner, produces excellent results and provides patients with the support they need whilst getting their heads around bewildering symptoms, helping to create a new norm.”

Professional Testimonial from Independent Occupational Therapist Jo Southall.

“Therapists of any kind, who truly understand the lived experience of chronic illness are few and far between. Kim is that perfect blend of personal experience and professional training. It’s been a real pleasure to watch her journey as a therapist right from the start. I have been fortunate enough to work with Kim as both patient and professional. I regularly refer clients to Kim for support and she’s been instrumental in my own health journey too. 

Kim exudes compassion, confidence and comfort. She’s passionate about continuing her learning and is devoted to improving her services. Her drive towards knowledge benefits her clients hugely and I learn something new every time we work together. Since we share so many clients, I’ve been able to watch the progress she facilitates on a regular basis. Clients never have a bad word to say about their sessions with Kim and are regularly surprised at just how quickly they can make positive changes in their lives.

I’m really grateful for Kim’s online sessions. It’s made another facet of health and wellbeing accessible to the people who need it most. A perfect compliment to my own work. Long may our association continue!”

Regular Sessions

A combination of Psychotherapy and Hypnosis. Psychotherapy in itself is extremely beneficial and its effects are enhanced by the application of Hypnosis, which enables the subconscious mind to make beneficial changes.

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From flying, spiders, heights to clowns, buttons, balloons and more. After the free initial consultation, it only takes 3 follow on sessions to be phobia free.

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Smoking Cessation

My one-hit-wonder. One session lasting between 1.5-2 hrs in length, followed by regular use of my relaxation recording and you could see yourself moving forward in life as a non-smoker.

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Why Solution Focused?

Tackle your mental health concerns without the need to discuss the past using the latest neuroscience and brain-based therapy methods.

Helping to understand and resolve a wide variety of mental health issues without talking about the problem.

Resolving mental health issues with a positive, solution-focused approach to retrain your brain & subconscious mind to enable beneficial and therapeutic changes. 

No travel required.  Private, safe and secure online based appointments from the comfort of your own home.

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