Chronic pain is misunderstood and here’s why.

You may have been told ‘it’s all in your head’, believe me, this also makes me roll my eyes! Firstly, your chronic pain is a REAL pain signal and is valid. I understand how pain can take over your life from personal experience.

Perhaps like myself, you had a car accident or even a life long condition, that has kicked off a whole host of symptoms that are difficult to manage. Coming to terms with challenges like this can be really hard on our mental health, as you will have to learn a completely new ‘normal’ and learn new ways to manage daily tasks.

The stress of daily life, perhaps combined with anxiety, may prevent you from living your life in order to spare you from creating more pain. You may find this creates a negative cycle where you are constantly thinking about the pain and what ‘could’ happen. This will add more to your ‘Stress bucket’, and in turn, will make managing the pain worse and increase the pain you experience.

“What is a stress bucket?” I hear you say. ‘Stress bucket’ is a metaphor for how much stress you can carry. Bucket sizes vary from person to person and it is important we do not carry more than we can hold.

It is very important to keep our ‘Stress buckets’ as empty as possible. When your stress bucket is full or overflowing, this can cause you to feel overwhelmed and create other symptoms such as; IBS, migraines, insomnia & more.

During the free initial consultation, we will discuss how your brain perceives acute and chronic pain, why we suffer in the way that we do and using the latest neuroscience and brain-based therapy can help.

Knowledge is power, the more you know, the more power you have to control your life. Manage your pain by using ‘solution-focused psychotherapy’.

Solution-focused psychotherapy is a brain-based therapy, using the latest neuroscientific research, enabling you to release the correct chemicals in the brain for managing the pain. This is then enhanced by using Clinical Hypnotherapy, learning self-hypnosis, which is designed to reduce anxiety and to calm the mind. This combined knowledge is called Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

I will use Clinical Hypnotherapy to guide you into a safe and relaxed, trance-like state. It isn’t too dissimilar to being engrossed in a really good book, it’s called a ‘focused state of attention’. This focused state gives us both access to your subconscious mind, where I use very gentle suggestion to help re-wire the brain to bring about positive and therapeutic change.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, nobody can make you do anything you do not want to. Your subconscious mind will simply reject any suggestion that is inappropriate for you. 

Prices and options

The average number of sessions required is usually between 8-12*. All sessions last 1-hour in length and are priced at £60 per session. You can pay as you go or purchase a discount package.

The discount package includes; A free initial consultation, a free relaxation recording & 10 sessions of psychotherapy plus 1 free session. In order to take advantage of this discounted package, you need to purchase this upfront. If this is something you are interested in, we can discuss this during your free initial consultation.

If you have a private health cash plan, you may be entitled to have some or all of your sessions reimbursed. This is because I qualified with the Higher Diploma and I am recognised by the CNHC. Further details on the private health cash plans that recognise the CNHC registration can be found here.

Sessions are held online, from the comfort of your own home so no travel is required. You will require a PC/laptop or smart device with a webcam and I will send easy to follow instructions to get you set up and running.

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* Please note* OCD can affect the number of sessions required.