Chronic pain is hugely miss understood.

You may have even been told ‘it’s all in your head’, trust me, this makes me roll my eyes for you! Firstly, chronic pain is valid and is a REAL pain signal. I understand that pain can absolutely take over your life, I have been there. When an acute injury has healed and becomes a chronic pain signal instead, this can cause us to fall down into a really dark hole. Add on the stress of daily life, perhaps some anxiety threw in there as you may not want to go outside for fear of injuring yourself further. Thinking about the pain & what ‘could’ happen, will add more stress and in turn, this will all exacerbate the pain. This can cause you to feel overwhelmed, out of control of your life and start to wonder why this has happened to you and potentially question everything.

Some genes for conditions such as Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder and hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome can sit dormant until something kicks it off. Perhaps you had a car accident, illness or something that has kicked off a whole host of symptoms. Coming to terms with a condition like this can be really hard on our mental health, as you will have to learn a completely new ‘normal’.

The solution-focused approach is an extremely powerful tool as part of your self-care tool kit. Working with you to be able to help manage your pain in a completely natural way by understanding how your brain works, why you are suffering the way that you do and then working with you towards your preferred future.

When you work with me, you will be given a lot of tools for self-management and also a lot of neuroscience and a greater understanding of what exactly is going on. Understanding the difference between acute pain and chronic pain is really important, and even the evolutionary purposes of both. I truly believe that knowledge is power, the more you know, the more power you have over what is going on.

Pain Management Package

My pain management package includes; 11 sessions of Solution-focused Psychotherapy enhanced with Clinical Hypnotherapy for the price of 10. I specialise in pain management and coming to terms with long term health conditions, whether you are recently diagnosed or not. I help you to reduce your stress/anxieties and help you to produce your very own natural pain killer. Working with you towards your preferred future and also help you to build the confidence you need in yourself to put all of your self-care tools into practice.

The solution-focused approach once learned and put into practice, is something you can continue to use on your own after sessions have finished with me. You can, if you prefer, continue to work with me afterwards with monthly ‘top-up’ sessions as a lot of clients like to do. This can ensure you continue to with the solution-focused way, keeping you on track, and topping up your serotonin levels too! A mental health pamper session is just as important as a physical massage.